Refunds Policy

Items that have not been downloaded

If you have not downloaded a purchased product within three months of the purchase date, you are eligible for a refund.

Item is “not as described” or the item doesn’t work the way it should.

If a product does not work as it should, we will quickly correct the problem by updating the product. A product is “not as described” if it is materially different from the description or preview of the product. If the issue cannot be resolved or the product is found to be “not as described”, you are entitled to a refund.

We are unable to provide refunds in the following situations:

  • You claim that there is a technical problem with the product, but you are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence of the technical problem.
  • You have purchased an item by accident, and our system indicates that the product has been downloaded.
  • You do not have enough knowledge to use the product.
  • You don’t want the product after you download it.
  • You have found another product that you prefer, or you have changed your mind about your purchase. However, an exchange is possible if the product has not been downloaded.
  • You do not have the correct software to open and modify the product. Software requirements are always indicated in several ways, such as “Compatible with” on the product page, the file type or the product description.
  • You have the feeling that the article is of poor quality.
  • You are having trouble downloading the product because your Internet is not fast enough, is not stable, cannot handle a large download, or other similar problems with your Internet service.